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Why work at Kenan

Why work at Kenan
Are you looking for a real opportunity to use your passion and skills to help society? If so, a career at Kenan Institute Asia may be right for you.

Kenan is always looking for committed professionals at all levels to join our team of professional consulting practitioners. Our office provides a good work-life balance in a congenial atmosphere, which is underlined by a commitment to meeting project goals, deadlines, and KPIs that directly impact our beneficiaries and meet the needs and expectations of our clients.

Kenan consultants are exposed to a wide array of project work opportunities, which may include teaching financial life skills to at-risk women, improving teacher capacities to deliver quality education, training public health officials to respond to infectious disease outbreaks, providing technical assistance to ASEAN officials in SME policy and much, much more.

Kenan project teams work to bridge local cultural values and understanding with international skills and best practices. As such, the ability to be flexible, open to new challenges, and deliver quality work on tight deadlines is essential.

So if you are ready for the next step in your career, and have a desire to bring your education, skills, and experiences to the challenging work of sustainable development, let us know today.


Meet our Team

  • Ms. Phan Kieu Anh

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    • Program Manager, Vietnam
    • Kenan Institute Asia
    Ms. Phan Kieu Anh
    Working for Kenan has been a tremendous opportunity for me to make an impact on the Vietnam’s quickly-changing society. I’ve had the chance to contribute my values and experiences to projects that have made both a national and international impact. As part of an organization that is currently expanding, I’ve also been able to develop professionally and influence sustainable development in Vietnam. Kenan is a great opportunity if you’re thinking about how to advance your development career.
  • Mrs. Orachat Prechatanasak

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    • Deputy Accounting Manager
    • Kenan Institute Asia
    Mrs. Orachat Prechatanasak
    In my 17 years at Kenan, I’ve seen the organization grow into one of the leading providers of social and economic development programming. Working as part of the back office team, I’m proud to support my colleagues as they carry out Kenan’s mission and strive to make a meaningful impact on society. We hold the Accounting Department to the same high standards, grounded in good governance, principled leadership, and transparency. If you’re looking to make a serious impact on the world and interested in growing professionally, then Kenan Institute Asia is the perfect place to be.
  • Mr. Nuntawut Pimpaeng

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    • Innovative Education Consultant
    • Kenan Institute Asia
    Mr. Nuntawut Pimpaeng
    During my four years with Kenan, I’ve been able to learn about business and development education and share my knowledge with hundreds of beneficiaries. Working on projects like Chevron-INCREASE, Caltex Fuel Your School, and Microsoft BETTER and E-BETTER, I’ve helped to improve both formal and informal education in Thailand and provide disadvantaged members of society with life-long learning opportunities that they would not have otherwise had access too. There’s nothing more rewarding than working to make a positive change in society.
  • Ms. Sofia Jeana

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    • Deputy Chief of Party, Pattani Office
    • Kenan Institute Asia
    Ms. Sofia Jeana
    Working at Kenan has been an incredible experience for me thus far. I’ve been able to learn from experts and role models across a range of different fields and in a number of challenging capacities. Designing and implementing projects in communities, I regularly have the opportunity to use and develop my research and analytical skills. In addition, the organizational culture at Kenan is exceptional, friendly, and rewarding. Kenan is a place where you can put your skills to use, develop professionally, and achieve real-life results for beneficiaries.
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