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Innovative Education

Innovative Education

Innovative Education

The Kenan Institute Asia works with students, educators, governments, corporations, and multilateral agencies to equip youth and adults with the skills and knowledge to become workforce leaders. Utilizing evidence-based practices for educational improvement in both the formal and non-formal education sectors, with a particular emphasis on improving math and science teaching outcomes, we help our clients deliver substantial and lasting improvements to student outcomes, job market readi- ness, and institutional and systems transformation.

Client Spotlight

  • Caltex Fuel Your School

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    • Mr.
    • Salman
    • Saadat
    • Country Chairman and General Manager Products
    • Caltex (Thailand)
    Caltex Fuel Your School
    One of Chevron’s goals is to be the neighbor of choice to the Thai society. We strive to create a sustainable community for Thailand. Partnering with Kenan Institute of Asia, a prominent non- profit social development organization with over 10 years of innovative education and youth development experience, to create the ‘Caltex Fuel Your School’ initiative allows us to address what the local community truly needs for tomorrow.

Current Projects

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    • Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production, Ltd.
    • April 2015
    • April 2020
    The Chevron Enjoy Science Project is a US$ 30 million, five-year, public-private partnership (PPP) designed to strengthen economic development and improve Thailand’s competitiveness by refining Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education and technical and vocational education and training (TVET)…
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    • Microsoft
    • November 2015
    • December 2016
    In Vietnam, there is a significant gap between the skills and abilities of vocational students and the needs of the technology retail workforce, severely diminishing youth employment prospects. To address these gaps, the Microsoft TechSperts project builds the capacity of…
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    • IBM Thailand Company Limited
    • September 2015
    • December 2016
     IBM and Kenan partnered in an effort to improve the critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills of Thai science and math students. The Thai Teachers TryScience Project aimed to introduce IBM’s STEM-related, technology-based education resources to the Thai education system…
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Past Projects

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    • National Science Technology and Innovation Policy Office (STI)
    • June 2014
    • November 2014
    Funded by the National Science Technology and Innovation Office (STI), Kenan, in collaboration with the Teacher’s College, conducted a study and developed a seminal white paper to recommend policies and public private partnership programs for strengthening science, technology, engineering, and…
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    • Chevron
    • June 2014
    • October 2014
    Kenan partnered with Chevron to conduct a study that examined the vocational education and industry needs in Thailand. The project was designed to strengthen Thailand’s economic competitiveness through sustainable community capabilities enhancement in order to help them have better access…
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    • Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology (IPST)
    • December 2010
    • February 2014
    Tens of thousands of Thai students benefited from improved mathematics and science classes with the conclusion of UPGRADE, a three-year project designed to replace ineffective rote memorization teaching techniques with modern pedagogical methods that encourage curiosity and interaction. Funded by…
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